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On Screen Review: The Social Network

David Fincher directs the true to life story of Mark Zuckerberg's infamous rise to fame.

In this docudrama, with a dark undertone, we explore the reality behind what we now know as Facebook. Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) was in Harvard University when two fellow students,

Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss (Armie Hammer), approached him to create a social network for exclusive members.

He took their idea and ran with it, literally. Along with his close friend Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) and soon to be business partner Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), he created he the most successful social network every conceived. But, his victory would come at a price.

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OnScreen4229d ago

This film offers interesting insight into the truth behind the Facebook phenomenon. What's great is that you get each side of the story. Well, almost :-).

granthinds4229d ago

So amped for this game. What an excellent review!

OnScreen4229d ago

Well, it's not a game Grant! And I am sure it won't ever become a game. Unless it's already a game, and using social networks is nothing more than a mind game! Haha!

It is worth a watch though!

granthinds4229d ago

Damn, sorry, my brain is fried! But Social Networks are pretty much a game... A dating one! :P

OnScreen4229d ago

Haha! Yeh they are! I find them very invasive. You tend to spill your whole life all over them, and then before you know it you suffer from macro identity! Yeh, that's right I made that one up all by myself... :-)

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