OSCAR: Animation Entries Down To Wire; But Will There Be Enough For 5 Nominees?

Deadline: "Today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences sent out a reminder confirming the 5 PM PT November 1st deadline for 2010 Best Animated feature entries. At this point there do not appear to be enough entries to trigger five nominations rather than the more common three but there is still time, brother. What wasn’t mentioned in the release is the number that have been received so far at the Academy. A really good clue though is a letter I have learned that was sent late last week updating members and potential members of the Animation committee (the ones doing the voting) and informing them that 14 entries had been received but that it was still possible to reach 16, the magic number needed to expand the category."

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darklordzor4220d ago

I hope they do expand it. With so much good animation coming out in a year every year now, the category deserves to be expanded. Let's keep those fingers crossed.

Soldierone4220d ago

I think expanding it is a good idea in one sense, but not completely. I think the films are capable of competing with every other genre, so you dont have to keep them focused to just this. However spreading out to even more animation genres would be difficult. There isn't enough to have more than two, and if you only have two what would be the second?

darklordzor4219d ago

Well really, a big part of me just wants animated films to be given the same weight as the other films. Just get rid of the category and let them be included in all categories with the rest of them. Since that's not likely to happen, I say expand it.