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Watch Five Minutes of The Walking Dead

ShockTillYouDrop: "Want to get a lengthy preview of The Walking Dead? Watch about five minutes below and see Rick (Andrew Lincoln) wake up into a world of the undead. The series debut is on Halloween. Check your local listings for times."

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darklordzor4224d ago

Nice. I'm excited for a zombie show on TV. I just hope it does well and is as good as all the video and pictures make it look.

Soldierone4224d ago

The acting was a bit crummy and camera work was a little cheesy, but its looks pretty good.

darklordzor4224d ago

It just depends on the videos you see. For the most part, with the trailers and other sneak videos I've seen, the camera work and production quality seems very high. For me, I'm just hoping the story is good. Most of what I've seen so far has been pretty generic.

Soldierone4222d ago

Its easy to make a trailer look good, this was actual first few minutes from the show though. And based on that, it seemed like I said lol.

jwalkerz4222d ago

i love zombies! this will be playing tonight , i cant wait

Soldierone4222d ago

What a way to celebrate Halloween? haha

Kiri4222d ago

This was awesome. Loved it.