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Lionsgate Picks Up Comedy LOL

ComingSoon: "Lionsgate today announced that it has acquired from Mandate Pictures the U.S. distribution rights to LOL, a coming-of-age comedy starring Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore and Ashley Greene."

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Kiri4219d ago

LOL at Miley Cyrus (no pun intended)

but seriously, it'd be epic if they really adapt it.

Soldierone4219d ago

First I thought its a nerd comedy about the word LOL full of WoW nerds and what not. Then I though hmm maybe its about the game LoL. Then I read your comment and re-read the article and immidiatly regret even being interested at all.

Kiri4219d ago

With this heavy cast, it'll be awesome lol

Soldierone4219d ago

The one time you say something positive and its sarcastic lol. At least I hope it is.

Anything with Miley Cyrus as the main "star" is gonna fail epicly.

Kiri4219d ago

You got me, it's sarcasm of course. But either way, it's still a must watch, just to see how miserably it fails

darklordzor4218d ago

My first thought wasn't about nerds, but about girls texting. Isn't that where LOL came from first?

Soldierone4218d ago

First time I heard it was on a Gaming website and we were playing games. Someone went "ha lol" and we were all like wtf does LOL mean?

darklordzor4218d ago

Oh but LOL has been around since the internet basically started. Nearly all of those kinds of acronyms came from the first chat rooms that got started. They've been around for a while, but some of the newer ones always throw me off.

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darklordzor4218d ago

Cast actually looks pretty decent...nothing great, but maybe it won't suck.