Saw In The Rearview: The Best Traps And Sequels

The highest grossing horror franchise is sadly coming to an end. In 2004, Saw solidified a new form of modern horror that exploits torture as a central stomach-turner. Produced for very little money, Saw turned heads with a hands-off killer in John Kramer who is a mere mortal dying of cancer aiming to teach people the value of life (or so he says). Jigsaw, as he is otherwise known, sets up elaborate games to make his “subjects” adopt a new way of thinking. PlayerAffinity.Com has taken on the glorious task of identifying the most memorable trap of each entry starting where it all began.

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Soldierone4227d ago

I dont know if I want to agree or disagree with these comments. I want to make horror films somewhere down the road, hell im already trying to do a few indie style ones.

I respect Saw for what it is, but its been going the wrong direction and being real bland lately. The last Saw was lame. I also hate that Saw pushed gore into the horror genre and now we have a crap ton of horror films that are nothing but gore. Its not scary to me. I dont even see how Saw is concidered horror other than the fact it releases during Halloween. Its not scary, never was scary, and its more a mystery style movie than anything.

darklordzor4226d ago

The first one really made it's point and managed to have an interesting story. The problem is all of the sequels merely retread the same story and the same ground. They never really evolved it outside of setting new traps.

Soldierone4226d ago

The thing is it was supposed to be a story that evolved over all the movies and certain things was never done correctly to portray that at all.
It got to the point where they had no idea what to do other than straight up tell you the idea is this, and this is how we are doing it.

darklordzor4226d ago

Yes, that's exactly what happened with it. They started telling, rather than showing the story. Instead they used up all that time for these traps and shock factor scenes.

Money-Mike4225d ago

Thank goodness these movies are coming to an end. Saw is one of the most unoriginal movie sagas ever, gore is not scary. It's just gory. The first one definitely had some substance, but I can't stand movie studios milking the same old franchise just because people naively pay for the tickets. Sad sad world. Now hopefully hollywood can actually make something original and scary.

ryesher14224d ago

I can see them making more.