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DOG - Tron: Legacy - 23 Minute Preview Thoughts And Reaction

DOG: I am a geek in LA. I have endured in-flight curries, tiny tubes of toothpaste, a dreadful pan-and-scan version of Clash Of The Titans, and almost 5,000 miles of travel to attend a special Tron: Legacy press day at Digital Domain in Southern California.

Along with around two dozen other writers, bloggers and hacks, I've been flown in to view approximately 20 minutes' footage from Joseph Kosinski's forthcoming Tron: Legacy, and the sense of anticipation, as we arrive, is electrifying.

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Soldierone4229d ago

I wasnt really expecting a full explanation of it lol. I wanted to see this, but it sounded pretty cool! Cant wait to see the full film.

darklordzor4229d ago

I was fortunate that the theater I caught it at was only about 10 minutes from my house. No flying or anything like that, but no big wigs there to interview. Still it was an insane amount of fun.