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Halloween Special: 10 of Greatest Non-Iconic Slashers

ScreenCrave: Creating a great cinematic slasher/serial killer isn’t rocket science. Certain irreducible components must be accumulated—traits, if you will. Traits to explain why they don’t just stop hacking up teenagers and get a real job. Since teenagers are bratty, emotional little buggers to begin with, you don’t have to go overboard to explain why somebody would rather see them with a tamping post in their gullet. This usually means giving a slasher a traumatic childhood, and watching him/her go.

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darklordzor4351d ago

Iconic or not, I still just don't like the slasher genre. It just doesn't do anything for me, but make me sick. I'd rather be truly scared by loud noise or clever camera tricks (you know things that make it hard to walk around your house in the dark) than these cheap thrills movies.