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ScreenCrave: Saw 3D Review

ScreenCrave: After 6 years and 7 films (how is that possible?) another Saw sequel is opening in theaters to scare you this Halloween. The latest installment is entitled Saw 3D, and as you may expect it’s filled with guts, gore, and a group of C-list actors. The film picks up immediately where Saw VI left off and goes down a path of revenge that eventually leads us back to where it all started. Without giving too much away, the film might be the last sequel in the series, emphasis on the word might.

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darklordzor4222d ago

Imagine that, only a mediocre score. After all this time, the series has grown stale and a 3D gimmick just isn't enough to save that. It'll still make plenty of money though.

Soldierone4222d ago

Kinda sad, they cant even do a decent grand finale...instead they just go the gimmicky road of 3D and say so long.

darklordzor4222d ago

That's what I was thinking too. They could have at least gone out with a bang instead of a dud. Kind of brings down the whole series instead of ending on a high note.