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Halloween Special: The 9 Scariest Short Internet Films

ScreenCrave: This Halloween night, we bet that a lot of you will be watching at least one scary movie in order to get into the proper spirit (no pun intended.) If you’re in the mood for a little spine-chilling fear before the main course, though, you should check out some of the horror fare that the internet has to offer; it’s proof positive that a bigger budget does not always equal bigger scares (we’re looking at you, Wes Craven.)

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Soldierone4224d ago

This is probably one of the very few top whatever lists that actually grabbed my attention in a while. Its unique and fun. I liked some of them too lol.

darklordzor4224d ago

Wow, those were a lot of fun to watch, and surprisingly I'd actually already seen a couple of them. Very nice work on this list, and kudos to the filmmakers.