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CB: Paranormal Activity 2 Review

CB: As you’re reading this, The Hangover 2 is filming in Southeast Asia. This is because, for a sequel to work in Hollywood, it must go further, it must leave Kevin stranded in New York, or take the Griswald family to Europe or move to Havana to dance with not Patrick Swayze. Treading water is a great way to become irrelevant, but then again, so is betraying the source material with exhibitions of grandiosity. It’s all about taking the next logical step, which, yes, should be toward something bigger but not necessarily way bigger.

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Soldierone4222d ago

Some love for the film but the line "its not the best horror film you will see this year" then what exactly will be? Ive seen a couple now and they all sucked in comparison to this film, hell they sucked period. I doubt a good horror film will be coming any later in the year, unless Skyline counts.