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13 New Images And 3 New Spots For Disney's Tangled

CB: Those that follow me on Twitter - or occasionally glance at the box over on the right side of your screen - may know that I spent this past Sunday down at Disneyland covering the junket for Disney's upcoming animated film Tangled (I also took a ride on Space Mountain, but that wasn't business related). Today, I get a knock on my door and get handed a package that includes a mini-hairdryer and a note. After 15 minutes of fumbling with the mini appliance in the bathroom, I realized that it's actually a USB drive filled to the brim with goodies that I am happy to share with all of you.

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Soldierone3982d ago

Im still interested in the movie purely for the design of it lol. The only bad thing is all the adverts are showing the same thing over and over again, im kinda worried they have nothing better in the entire movie.

darklordzor3982d ago

The film looks pretty good looking visually. The design is different and should be a treat for the eyes. But the movie itself doesn't look that good. It seems too generic and just uninteresting.