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Plot Details Leak In Character Descriptions From Wolverine 2

CB: With Darren Aronofsky all but confirmed as the director and the production set to begin in March 2011, things are starting to steamroll for the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A continuation of the story begun in the first film, the script has been written by The Usual Suspects scribe Christopher McQuarrie, though little is known about the plot outside of the fact that a good chunk of it will take place in Japan. You know what a good way to find out a plot is? Character descriptions - and that's exactly what I have for you today.

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Kiri4219d ago

HAHA! I love the fact that it's taking place in Japan. (That's the biggest spoiler ever)

Soldierone4219d ago

Im assuming something to do with the anime?

Kiri4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Weapon X imo, Lord Dark Wind imo, Lady Deathstrike imo.

Soldierone4219d ago

Ahh interesting, but this is nothing more than basic news pushed into rumors so take everything with a grain of salt and dont think anything is confirmed till...well....when its confirmed.

Kiri4219d ago

I'm not expecting anything just yet. I just think it would be awesome if it is true

Soldierone4219d ago

Indeed, but Wolverine was a one time shot. I hate how they went into it without looking ahead. So its hard to see where this franchise is going. I love Wolverine, but the story arch is gonna be all messed up thanks to them linking it directly to Xmen and calling it Origins.

I still remember going to the premiere too lol

darklordzor4218d ago

Actually I think they confirmed the story taking place in Japan (part of it anyway) a while ago.

I agree, these wolverine movies are messing up the storylines of the others that have already been established. That was my biggest problem with the first film (that and it was awful), and this second one will only make those problems worse.

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darklordzor4218d ago

I still can't believe they're going through with this one. I think we're about to hit X-Men movie overload. They need to quit doing all of these Origin films, and get back to what made the first couple movies so fun. Good stories with the mutants we all know and love.