Watch Sam Meet Quorra In This New Tron: Legacy Clip

CB: Tonight, in IMAX 3D movie theaters across the world, audiences will be able to get their first real extended look at Tron: Legacy, the film that is probably the most anticipated film for the rest of the year. Showcasing 23 minutes of footage, the event, called Tron Night 2010, should be the perfect litmus test to judge just how good a 28-year-old sequel in the making can be. But for those who missed out on the ticket offering for tonight, we have a brand new clip to show you.

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PaPa-Slam3656d ago

Can't wait to watch this, it's going to be awesome.

darklordzor3656d ago

I'm going to Tron Night 2010 tonight. Actually leaving in a little bit to stand in line. Can't wait to get in on it and see this. As for this clip, nothing too exciting but I'll take anything Tron related right now.

-Mezzo-3656d ago

It's released already, why isn't it playing here where i live. According to IMDB Release Dat is 17 DEC.

I just recently watched the Previous Tron movie on my iPad, and i really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see this.

Soldierone3655d ago

What are you talking about? The 20 minute showing or the actual movie?

darklordzor3655d ago

I think that's what he's talking about.

But TRON Night 2010 was freaking amazing. Got tons of free swag and the footage was simply incredible. I was already excited for this film, but my hype level has gone through the roof.

About to be giving away some of the LE poster I snagged.

-Mezzo-3655d ago

One more thing, you all have got to hear the Soundtrack it's Awesome. just hit Yoututbe, you'll find it there.

darklordzor3655d ago

Is the whole thing on YouTube, because I think it's only a song or two on there.

Soldierone3655d ago

How the heck does this movie look better everytime i see it! I just hope the story lives up to the visuals, unlike cameron movies.

darklordzor3655d ago

I keep thinking that myself. I've seen that music video a million times, but I can't stop watching it. Just wait until you see the Disc War scene...WOW!

darklordzor3655d ago

Oh I meant to mention, that the part right before where this video picks up is pretty awesome. She seems like such an interesting character. And hey if a hot girl came and picked me up in a cool car like that, I don't think I'd have any issues.