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An Exclusive First Look At 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

Entertainment Weekly is once again giving fans their first look at eagerly anticipated superheroes in their new costumes. Not too long ago it was Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, and now Chris Evans graces the cover of the next issue. Fans finally get a look at the Captain America costume.

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darklordzor4356d ago

You know, when I first saw the concept art, I wasn't really impressed, but seeing the suit on him does look a whole lot better. Not too shabby. I'm all for it.

Soldierone4355d ago

Still looks cheesy like the old Captain America...

darklordzor4355d ago

See I don't think it looks that cheesy. Maybe the coloring, but you can't really change that. The overall look of it, is more military based, which it should be.

Soldierone4355d ago

Im a big Captain America fan especially in The Avengers. To be honest he is the only reason I'm even interested in the Avengers. I never understood why Punisher and Spiderman were never apart of that group.

darklordzor4355d ago

See, he's my least favorite. Not sure why, but I never got into the character. Didn't the Avengers (at least the new ones) use Spider-man and Punisher occasionally? Not all the time, but they helped out every now and again didn't they?

Soldierone4355d ago

They helped out a few times, but were never apart of the team. It was more like sales are slumping lets toss them in there to boost a little bit.

Like cameo roles. I know for a fact neither of them will be in this movie though. Especially since Marvel could care less about Punisher.

darklordzor4355d ago

Yeah that's what I assumed they were doing in those instances. Still maybe if they make another Avengers they can pull in the new Spider-Man for a quick cameo.

likedamaster4355d ago

Looks like they're going big. Good. Looking forward to it now.

giovonni4355d ago

I dislike Captain America. Everything about him screams corny. The suit, the boots, he fights crime with a shield for Christ sake! I can't stand it