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Tim Blake Nelson Still Signed On For More ‘Hulk’ Films & Would Love To Return As The Leader

Indie Wire - We recently had a chat with writer/director/actor/cool dude Tim Blake Nelson on the occasion of his latest, “Leaves of Grass,” hitting DVD (full interview coming soon). One of the questions we were most curious to ask revolved around the ongoing Marvel universe, and if we’d see him there again after appearing in Louis Leterrier’s “The Incredible Hulk” as scientist Samuel Sterns, last seen beginning a curious mutation into a character comic fans know as the Leader.

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darklordzor4352d ago

Hmmm....that would be interesting to see him make a return. Especially considering we got a taste of what he was about to become in the last film. Glad to know he's still signed on just in case. Wonder if they'll try and use him in the TV show too.