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"Uncharted" Casting: Who Should Play Nate Drake?

Games have come a long way from the old Nintendo days when it comes to building a cinematic gaming experience; the “God of War” and “Mass Effect” series coming to mind for many. However, no other franchise on the market is billed as a cinematic series more than the “Uncharted” games. Focusing on Nathan Drake, a charming, brilliant treasure hunter with a penchant for getting in trouble (comes with the job description), the “Uncharted” games are praised for their attention to characters, humor and oftentimes relentless action set pieces (especially in the second game, “Among Thieves”).

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Community4477d ago
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Soldierone4476d ago

I disagree with the comment "no other game franchise is built with cinimatic story telling." Uncharted is great and has great movie potential, just look at National Treasure, but thats not true. Metal Gear Solid has the most amazing story to tell through any entertainment medium, plus other games are extremely story driven and could make for some magical movies.

Kiri4476d ago

But Metal Gear Solid 4 is already a movie on its own right :)

Soldierone4476d ago

So is Uncharted 2...doesn't degrade it in anyways. You have to appreciate it for what it is. A live action film done right would do the games justice, I just hope Kojima or a fan like me can be behind the scenes to ensure authenticity.

darklordzor4476d ago

MGS is totally built cinematically. That's one of the reasons it's my favorite game franchise. I don't think they could do a decent movie of it though. I think playing the games is just like playing a movie and that's what I want. Any actors they got for an MGS movie just wouldn't feel right.

Soldierone4476d ago

Ive actually written a script for the first title that changes things around and makes it more adaptive to the screen. I found it interesting and people reading it like it. Just saying it is possible to offer a differnt experience.

I love the games because the story it tells and the morals it teaches. Beyond the politics and what not there is a deep moral story and Kojima did it perfectly, its a bit obvious in the first MGS, but in later titles it a bit more hidden.

gaden_malak4476d ago

Problem with a MGS movie is you can't fit a good one in 2 hours, give or take.

Soldierone4475d ago

I think 2 hours would be plenty of time to fit one in. You just have to cut alot of needless stuff out, stuff that is only there for gameplay reasons.

darklordzor4476d ago

Nathan Fillion. That's Nate Drake completely and absolutely. Browncoats rally!

JL4476d ago

I don't like Nathan Fillion as Drake. Just don't like it. He looks too old (like a rough/years-haven't-been-k ind-to-him type old). I'm just not so sure about him really nailing the part. Something just doesn't set right with me about him being Drake.

I've said it before and I'll say it again (and most likely won't be changing my mind anytime soon)....James Roday for Nathan Drake!