Paramount Sets 'Super 8' Release Date

Paramount has announced a release date for J.J. Abrams' secretive new film project 'Super 8'. It's date has it up against 'Fast Five' and 'Something Borrowed'.

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Soldierone4228d ago

Gonna be friggin awesome, now that it has a release date Im super excited. Ever since the teaser Ive been waiting.

darklordzor4227d ago

Thank goodness! I can't wait for this film. Hell that's not far away at all. Geez and they're still filming. They must already be working fast and furious on the VFX while they're filming. Seriously, this is under a year away. Very sweet!

Soldierone4227d ago

I kinda hate the date and hope it gets moved. What made Cloverfield was that it was a blockbuster film coming during a time that movies sucked at. So it made it even better. Im glad this one is at least geting the blockbuster summer release though.

The thing that truly sucks is that it has no Cloverfield connecting in name, so its a new movie that people will think they know nothing about. Then to top that off Fast and Furious same weekend? While those movies are not amazing Im a fan and they have massive cult followings. That movies marketing and release is going to overshadow this ones without a doubt in my mind.