10 Greatest Horror Movie Soundtracks

BeatCrave: Often times, a good horror movie soundtrack can get buried underneath all the goring, gutting, and slutty sex happening on screen during a good horror movie. They also have a tendency to get lost in time, seeing as how people typically don’t want to remember tunes that actually freak them out a little bit. We did our best to rectify this in time for Halloween by presenting the ten best horror movie soundtracks.

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darklordzor4228d ago

I find that soundtracks absolutely make a horror film. If you take out all of the music but still leave all the visuals, you'll a much more boring, and significantly less shocking film. Glad this list makes that point abundantly clear in their choices.

Soldierone4228d ago

Or lack the of can also make a horror film really good. Like PA has that slow ghost build that really gets to you, and sometimes they draw it out to really get you to anticipate it.