25 Years Later, Back To The Future Is A Must-See In Theaters All Over Again

CB - Like any child born in the 80s I have an undying affection for Back to the Future, but I like to think it goes deeper than that. I can't remember a time when I didn't expect all DeLoreans to be time machines, didn't wish I could pull myself on my skateboard behind a car, didn't want a red puffy vest and mirrored Ray-Bans of my own. Marty McFly was my first crush. I owned the full Back to the Future soundtrack on tape and knew all the words, even to the lame "Time Bomb Town" by Lindsey Buckingham. When my family visited Universal Studios when I was 8 or so, the movie memorabilia on display at "Back to the Future: The Ride" took my breath away. I regret to this day not buying the shiny hat worn by Marty McFly Jr. in the second movie.

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