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Christopher Nolan Reveals Title Of Third Batman Film And That ‘It Wont Be The Riddler’

Hero Complex: Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film will be called “The Dark Knight Rises” and though the Gotham City auteur isn’t ready to reveal the villain of his 2012 film, he did eliminate one of the big contenders: “It won’t be the Riddler,” Nolan said in an exclusive interview with the Hero Complex.

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PaPa-Slam2913d ago

Damn, Riddler would have been fun, anyway can't wait for the Movie.

JL2913d ago

Hmm, not exactly keen on the title, but it works. Just seems a little generic is all.

As for the Riddler, that very much surprises me. I would've thought for sure that would be the main villain. It'll be very interesting now to see who could be up for villain. I'm sure the web is going to go crazy with speculation now (and disdain that it's not Riddler).

Soldierone2912d ago

Am I allowed to bring the Kroc rumors back now? Since one of the main concerns was the Riddler being in this film haha.

darklordzor2912d ago

Ha! You know that's the first thing I thought when I read this. "Maybe those Croc rumors have some substance". Who knows, maybe Mark Millar does know what he's talking about.

JL2912d ago

lol No you don't. I still feel Kroc isn't a good choice as he doesn't seem realistic enough for Nolan's Batman franchise. I mean he has talked about not wanting to do any villain that isn't realistic. While I guess you could alter the character and make him realistic, I just don't see the point.

darklordzor2912d ago

I was talking to a friend and he said maybe the Mad Hatter. Was he already ruled out? If not, that might be an interesting choice too. It would stick with the crazy theme started with the Joker, but can still be more realistic.

JL2912d ago

The Mad Hatter, as far as I know, hasn't been eliminated and he could definitely fit into Nolan's world. Personally though, it just doesn't sit right with me. I was originally thinking of him as well, just something doesn't seem right. I don't know if it's cause of the recent Alice movie or what.

Soldierone2912d ago

Personally I think The Madhatter is the strongest character other than the Penguin that could be in the film.

If Nolan isn't gonna change things up with Kroc, then he is gonna go the route the fans wants. Which is a bit of puzzling features and mystery, thus they wanted him to do the Riddler. So since Riddler is out, he should go to a similar villian to have that same effect. Hopefully an experiment.

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gaden_malak2911d ago

I am not surprised by the Riddler. I think he is to0 close to the Joker it may seem they are trying to fill a void.

I'd like to see Killer Croc, but I doubt he can be made realistically.

darklordzor2913d ago

I'm not digging the title...too off. It just doens't sound like something he'd pcik. I can't believe that the Riddler won't be making an appearance. Everyone was so positive that he would be in it. Also kudos for not going 3D!

JL2913d ago

Agreed. It just doesn't sound right for him. Maybe this is Warner Bros influence to try to play off the success of The Dark Knight? Keep it more closely tied to the buzz of Dark Knight? I don't know, can't really explain it. Just doesn't seem creative enough coming from Nolan. It almost seems like some type of placeholder title. Then again, I don't believe Nolan the type to misguide or lie to fans, so I'm sure this is definitely the title.

darklordzor2912d ago

At that point why not just call it the Dark Knight Again? It just seems odd, and I think you're probably right that it was more studio influenced...let's just hope that's as far as it extends.

Soldierone2912d ago

I think it has that relation too. I think something like Batman : From Ashes would be a sweet title as well.

I think this title also pretty much confirms Two Face will be back? Other canidates are the Penguin and still believe Kroc can be in this film.

darklordzor2912d ago

I remember seeing some fan posters that came up with some inventive titles. I think something else would have been better. It's not terrible and I can understand a lot of the reasoning, it just sounds...hokey.

JL2912d ago

The title could have definitely been more creative. Though that is a point that this title makes it feel more connected to The Dark Knight, thus it could mean Two Face showing back up. I'm still believing Kroc is too far fetched for Nolan's universe. And I'd rather not see Two Face be the main villain. At this point, I'd rather see Huge Strange, Deadshot or Hush be the villain.

darklordzor2912d ago

I don't want Two-Face to show back up. I liked the fact that that story ended, and was solved. Bringing him back feels cheap.

I'm all for Hush.

JL2912d ago

Yea me too. He was pronounced dead and all that and bringing him back would just seem like a last minute/out-of-ideas type thing to do. Though it does worry me the point made in this article that 'The Dark Knight' was also about Harvey Dent, etc.

Soldierone2912d ago

But its comics, villians never die and always find a way to come back. I personally felt he would be back in this next film. His presence in the last one wasn't good, he barely showed up before he died and then he didnt even get a chance to play his role.

Plus whats his name said the rumors of him not coming back are not true and he is in talks to return. Ever since then he has been quiet.

ryesher12912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

But this is meant to be a more realistic take on Batman so bringing Two Face back is cheap. It just wouldn't be like Nolan to do it.I am pretty sure the Penguin will not be in it and Killer Croc could be in it as there is a comic book series where he is depicted as having a skin condition.

I am very suprised the Riddler is not in it as the Hush/Riddler story line would have fitted very well.

I think the name is a little tacky I am sure this is WB intervening, just glad Nolan didn't back down on 3d.

tunaks12912d ago

didn't tdk end with joker hanging by his leg?
How are they gonna resolve that?

JL2912d ago

Well it didn't end that way. There were happenings after that scene. And it's implied that he was arrested, thus sitting in Arkham Asylum right now. How do they address that in Batman 3? They don't even acknowledge it. Or if they do, it's just a brief kinda "Great, just as we have that insane Joker locked up, now this other villain shows up" type of thing.

Soldierone2912d ago

Similar to how Joker always disapears in the shows and comics, then when they want him back they just have an episode of him escaping then returning in the next one.

the only issue with Joker returning is it will be tarnished by Ledgers stellar perfomance and no one will be capable of replacing him.

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