The Ten Best Guy Films

What makes a good guy film? What are the best guy films to date? Who's the best action here to come from a guy film? We Got This Covered takes a look at all that and more in this list of the 10 best guy films.

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Soldierone3986d ago

I guess im not a normal guy. Other than Saving Private Ryan and Fight Club, none of those were "must see" films for me. Some good ones don't get me wrong. I guess for the interest of the article, they all suit the list fine.

JL3986d ago

Guess you aren't a man at all :P lol. Die Hard is essential. Rambo I don't agree with though because I don't care for them. Much rather have had Rocky in Rambo's place. Also Trainspotting I don't agree with. Not really sure that's a "guy film" per se. I'd list that one more as a must see drug film.

As for the rest, I enjoyed them all. Might not have been my top 10 personally, but all are very good films.