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A Guide To Understanding Inception

With the Blu-Ray of Inception just around the corner, it's time to revisit the film. We Got This Covered has the definitive guide to understanding the film. What are projections? What are the rules of limbo? Who was really alive and dead in the ending? All the answers are here.

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Soldierone4357d ago

There is no "understanding" Things happened the way they happened to let viewers judge what actually did happen on their own. Some thing it kept spinning, others didnt. Some though it was all one dream, others didnt. Thats how this film is supposed to be.

Good article too.

Kiri4357d ago

> 12c) The inception was actually on Cobb

This was definitely my take on the movie when I watched it. Glad someone brought it up

Soldierone4357d ago

My take is he was apart of Inception and dove deeper. Either way its a friggin awesome movie and I cant wait to own it on Blu-ray!

Kiri4357d ago

I am actually sad that the movie isn't in 3D. It definitely had the potential, especially for movies with surreal environments like this one does.

Soldierone4357d ago

Seriously?! Why would you want that gimmick to ruin such a great film? The fact that it did well, better than other movies this year, without it proves just how good of a film it is. Its genious and way better quality, it doesnt need to be degraded using 3D.

Kiri4357d ago

Speaking of 3D. You know of the 19 ideas from the 2nd Back to the Future movies, only 4 haven't realized?

(Yes, they made hoverboards and flying cars)

Soldierone4357d ago

Dont know what that has to do with anything? lol

I do think we talked about that stuff here,

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