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Zombie Attacks Staged in 26 Cities to Promote AMC Show

The Epoch Times: "Zombie attacks” took place across major cities around the world to promote AMC’s latest show “The Walking Dead,” which premiered on Sunday night on the network, according to Entertainment Weekly."

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Soldierone4223d ago

This is brilliant idea lol! almost as cool as the haunted house in Bestbuys for Resident Evil 5 haha

darklordzor4223d ago

Damn, I wish this would have happened in my town. That sounds like such a fun event. I never knew about that Best Buy thing though.

Soldierone4222d ago

They did one of the Bestbuys in my area, and we are having a zombie walk here. Not sure if its the same thing or not.

The Best Buy thing was a midnight release of the game. They closed down half the store, and set it up to be like a treatment center and you had to walk through it to get the game. Then later in the day the army showed up and zombies broke lose, they started shooting blanks and what not it was sick.