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'Hangover II' Director Defends Decision to Fire Mel Gibson

HollywoodReporter: "Hangover II director Todd Phillips is defending his decision to fire Mel Gibson from a cameo role in the comedy sequel.

"He's one of our finest actors and, quite honestly, one of our finest directors," Phillips tells Entertainment Tonight. "But The Hangover II is a family ... and as much as I loved the idea, a lot of people didn't ... I didn't want anything to come in between that family."

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Soldierone4232d ago

This is how things should be handled. No one ratting out who said what, and the person that is the leader of the group is being a gentlemen. He said nothing bad about Mel at all. This is also why I think Mel needs to cool down and let it go, be a gentlemen too. This will prove to other film makers you are capable of handling things.

darklordzor4231d ago

That's what I thought too. This was handled incredibly well and the man is standing by his decision even though Gibson has been throwing a fit about it.

OnScreen4230d ago

I don't get his involvement in the first place. It seemed like a desperate move.