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MMGN: Resident Evil Afterlife Review

MMGN: If you take the Resident Evil movies as they are, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a stylish zombie killing fest that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The extra scene during the credits blatantly leads to future sequels, which will be highly anticipated for the coming years.

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Gaetano2914d ago

Did not like this film one bit. It's easily the worst in the franchise, with stylized violence in place of memorable characters and a coherent plot.

Soldierone2914d ago

I liked it. While the story wasn't as solid, it was easily one of the better films in the franchise. They really learned how to handle things and the 3D was awesome. Im glad they brought in the characters they brought in, and they had alot of game tie ins for the fans.

darklordzor2913d ago

I think worst in the franchise is a stretch, I mean, did you see the one before this? I liked this one because it got a little bit more back to the games, and not going so far off in its own direction.

Soldierone2913d ago

Thats my favorite in the series lol, was also the highest rated if im not mistaken. :P

Soldierone2914d ago

Good review, cant wait to buy this on Blu-ray.

darklordzor2913d ago

Yep, that'll be pretty good to see on Blu-ray. Maybe not a first day pick up, but for sure on my list to get soon.