Uwe Boll Unleashes His Eaters

ShockTillYouDrop:"Midgets . Nazis. Zombies. Yes, Eaters carries all of the trappings of an Uwe Boll flick, but the man who brought us House of the Dead, amongst other "classics," merely slapped his name on this Italian production as a "presenter."

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Soldierone3828d ago

So this is how Uwe Boll stays in the industry? Simply slaps his name on stuff that isn't even his....

darklordzor3828d ago

You know what's sad, is I still bet it's not any good. At least he could put his name on something decent...Oh wait, nothing decent wants to be associated with him!

Soldierone3828d ago

The trailer looks pretty legit. Then again its also not an American release so thats a good sign he is just trying to get away with something.

darklordzor3828d ago

Oh most of his trailers look pretty good, but then you see the film and it's a bunch of crap.

Soldierone3827d ago

Yeah I can see that happening here too.