No Ordinary Family Gets a Full Season Order

SuperHeroHype: "Good news for the ABC show
ABC has announced that "No Ordinary Family" has received a full season order for the 2010-11 season. The network describes the show as follows:"

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Kiri3819d ago

to be honest, given the quality of the episodes so far, this is rather surprising...

Soldierone3819d ago

Yeah I saw your dislike for this show in another comment haha. I think it was the Incredibles? To be honest I never heard of it till you brought it up.

Kiri3819d ago

It's basically the same background story... a family of four with super powers. The powers are different but meh...

Super strength, super speed, telepathy, and perceptive comprehension... and they're using it for what... getting into parties and getting spots in a football team? That's just wrong...

Soldierone3819d ago

So you basically hate it because the show has alot of wasted potential?

Kiri3819d ago

well, I don't really hate it. I just dislike it.

While it has wasted potentials, it's fun to watch each week just to see what kind of new stupid ideas they're putting into an episode.

Soldierone3819d ago

I could see that as a reason to watch it. You have me interested so ima check it out when i get the chance.

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