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NBC Developing NASCAR Family Drama

Deadline: "It's like Parenthood for guys. NBC is developing The Crew, a testosterone-heavy underdog family drama set in the world of NASCAR from Heroes writer-producer Joe Pokaski and NBC Universal-based producer Scott Stuber."

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Soldierone3986d ago

Don't see this being any differnt than the Redneck shows already out there. No offense to anyone lol. However you get what Im saying.

darklordzor3986d ago

LOL. I think you're partly right though. This does appeal to a much smaller audience so I'm surprised that it got picked up. Pretty good writer behind it, so who knows.

Soldierone3986d ago

Its not so much a smaller audience. Its just the "do the right thing" and "family comes first" motive. Alot of sit coms do it but these ones are way more straightforward with it. Alot of original TBS shows do it.

blur993977d ago

I don't watch NASCAR but it has become one the biggest sporting events.
I was surprised how many people watch it.

I get what you mean.