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Fox-Cablevision Carriage Spat Escalates With Cease And Desist Letter

Deadline: "In the latest salvo in Fox and Cablevision's nasty carriage dispute that has led to the network's blackout in 3 million Cablevision homes, Fox today served Cablevision with a cease and desist letter for what it described as "encouraging theft of copyrighted material."

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Kiri4221d ago

This is somewhat nitpicking, but in fact the purpose of copyright laws are to encourage creativity instead of protecting creative freedom, as said freedom is actually limited by them.

Soldierone4221d ago

Isnt copyright laws to protect an asset created by someone? So someone else cant come along and make the same thing and call it theirs. Imagine The Simpzons!

Kiri4221d ago

Yes, you're absolutely right.

Copyrights are sets of exclusive rights granted to the creator of some form of work for its distribution and adaptation. But it is by no means a protection of creative freedom

Soldierone4221d ago

Thats not what this is about though. This is purely Fox being a pain in the arse saying the provider making its assets availible are illegal and against their right to provide them. Basically just taking them to court to permantly get their shows off the provider.

Kiri4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

ya, I knew it's offtopic, but I just wanted to point it out.

And if they take it to court won't help anything... There can be a contract, but then both parties would be worse off for many different reasons.

Soldierone4221d ago

I think the only people losing out would be Fox. As no other network is interested in going to these extremes, so its not like it will hurt the company at all.

Fox is just being money hungry like always.

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Soldierone4221d ago

I think Fox is making a bad image out of themselves by doing things like this. They sue everyone, and the only people getting mad are the customers of these networks. I mean sure you hate the company, but your punishing your viewers for it? Seriously?

Then they go on their channel and put in advertisments about how to switch and what not, thats just childish. .