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Tomorrow's Tom Cruise: The Next 20 Actors Who Will Populate The A-List

CB: Trying to define the term “A-lister” with any sort of consistency is like trying to describe why ninety-five percent of the population seems to think Jennifer Aniston is sexier than Kate Winslet. If you were listing their features on paper, I’m not sure you’d have ninety-five tally marks next to Aniston. Kate Winslet has stunning eyes, a beautiful smile, a nice figure, but she’s more classically beautiful, which, oddly, works against her on the sexy scale. Jennifer Aniston just is sexier. And using that full-proof logic, let me now bring forth the rambling, semi-coherent definition which we’ll be using for the purposes of this piece of ordered deliciousness.

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Soldierone4358d ago

Whats his name from Never Back Down looks exactly like a young Tom Cruise and he is an excellent actor to add on top of that.

darklordzor4357d ago

I love how, even though Tom Cruise has gone a little off the deep end, and his last film was terrible, everyone still recognizes his talent for what it was. He was a massive box office draw and it's good to see people still realizing that.

On the whole, I agree with pretty much everyone on the list.

Soldierone4356d ago

Are you talking about Knight and Day? Cus I loved that movie lol. He was great in it, whats her name not so much, but he was great. Im still a pretty big fan of his. His older movies are better obviously, but his new ones are still pretty good.

darklordzor4356d ago

I just didn't dig the movie. It had all the potential but couldn't deliver on it. I'm not say it's because of Cruise (in fact he was probably the best thing about that movie), but his star power overall has been waning.