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Ten Great Films for a Horror Movie Marathon

ScreenCrave: Halloween is right around the corner, and in between stocking up on candy and feeling sorry for diabetics, it’s the duty of any dedicated film fan to prepare a classic horror movie marathon for the month of October. This year, we’re going to help you by selecting ten of the best scary movies ever made, each one representing a different subgenre of horror.

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Soldierone4225d ago

I think Rob Zombie could full fill any horror Halloween marathon for me lol.

There are classics, this list was pretty good.

darklordzor4225d ago

I agree this list was overall very good. Though since I'm not a big horror fan I can fully say I'll be staying away from this type of marathon. Maybe just one or two scary movies...but that's it.

Soldierone4225d ago

Im not a gory horror fan. I rather watch phscological horror, or something like Scream that has really good build up and gets into your head. Its the movies that you can not really pay attention to but still get spooked when something happens. Or when your looking away from the screen since you know something will happen and you dont wanna see it.

darklordzor4225d ago

Mostly I like how this list is featuring a lot of older films. These days most lists are about whatever's hot at the time, which are these torture porn films.

Soldierone4224d ago

Torture porn haha, never thought of it that way. Friday the 13th remake, prime example of this.

I did notice alot of these new top ten lists are actually looking through older films and making good selections though. especially these Halloween things. Im just suprised we havent seen one related to paranormal activity.