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Most Successful Movies

InfoGraphicLabs - If your name is James Cameron and you’re a movie maker you’re one lucky guy because success is guaranteed. But ever wondered how ‘Gone with the Wind’ would have done when converted to ‘actual money’?

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Soldierone3986d ago

I hate these "when converted to actual money" things. Why dont they just tally how many tickets are sold instead? Isn't that cleaerer? No because then you have "well theaters were not as common" and who cares.

If Avatar is godly, people will go see it. Count the tickets being sold. Give credit where credit is due but let the industry evolve.

darklordzor3986d ago

I've always thought that would be the best way to judge how popular a film is too. Obviously a ticket count is a little more accurate to how many people total saw the film.

Soldierone3986d ago

Plus while money has changed, technology has too. An Avatar experience wasnt possible 20 years ago. So its not fair either way.

darklordzor3986d ago

It's is hard to calculate over the many decades of the industry. You're right we shouldn't be comparing films to older films as far as money and stuff like that goes. Those are ever chaning variables. Instead we should look at the quality of the films and not their box office success. The test of time always proves which films do the best.

Soldierone3986d ago

Yet its never about that. If a really awesome movie makes no money, its thrown into a gargage can of Hollywood and never seen again. Its just a shame.