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Raiders of the Third Dimension

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It looks like Star Wars will have some company...

When George Lucas revealed that the Star Wars Saga was getting converted to 3D, many wondered was this just the start of something for Lucasfilm? It is.

Next month, Lucasfilm will announce that they're converting the Indiana Jones Saga to 3D as well. The films will be converted and released in a similar fashion as the Star Wars films with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" the first out of the gate.

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darklordzor4232d ago

Hmm...not sure how I feel about that. I love the Indy movies, but I don't see a need for them to be in 3D (okay that giant boulder scene would be awesome). But just like the Star Wars announcement I'll just be happy at the chance to see them in the theaters again.

Soldierone4232d ago

Yeah Star Wars I just wanna see in theaters since I never saw the originals in theaters. However 3D is nothing to do with it. The giant bolder wont even do anything, there isnt enough color adjustment or anything to make it look good

darklordzor4232d ago

I got to see them in theaters when they were re-released in the theaters back in the 90s for the special edition and I loved it. Now this might give my son the chance to have a similar experience.

Soldierone4232d ago

I didnt even get to see them then.

darklordzor4232d ago

I am proud to say that I was in line and able to see them all on the first day of showing. Even was able to do so with the prequels, so I got all six of them.

Soldierone4231d ago

I saw the prequals but not the originals. I actually saw the prequals at midnight when they launched. I saw the third episode like 2 or 3 times lol.

I own the original trilogy in every format they released in.

darklordzor4231d ago

I saw all of the prequels on midnight showings (the originals just that first day) and I went back to see the prequels about 7-9 times each. Seriously, I know I saw Episode 3 10 times. When I say I'm a fan, I mean mega-huge scary fan.

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Soldierone4232d ago

I can understand Star Wars, but honestly this? If you truly want to see these films in 3D go get Final Cut or some editing software, import a few clips from the movie, and throw on the 3d Filter. Which all it does is separate lines of color. Now go get 3D glasses or learn how to focus your eyes.

This is seriously all they are doing to convert these films.

darklordzor4232d ago

Ha! What an interesting cheap solution for people who just can't wait for it. I doubt that's all they'll be doing to those films. ILM isn't typically know for half-assing a job. I think if it happens, it'll look decent. Love that idea though!

Soldierone4232d ago

they will have better technology and probably go in and touch each portion up to separate it more, but when its already made and filmed there is nothing more you can do.

The only way to make these true 3D is if they went back through it all and shot it in 3D. the newer Star Wars will get away with more since its mostly CGI stuff, but not the older ones.

darklordzor4232d ago

I know that's the best way to make a true 3D but they've been talking about the technology they're using and saying it's getting great effects. I think they're redoing most of their shots in the computer so it is nearly true 3D. Either way, it's not the reason I'll go see it.

Soldierone4231d ago

AKA "its not a gimmick, we promise!" haha they always do that. Im not bashing the film, and hell lucas might find a way to finally impress me with 3D. However until I see it, I wont be believing it. Ive been told this story before by many movies, same as everyone else, I just gave up falling for it.