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On Screen's Top 10 Goriest Films

In the spirit of Halloween and all things horrific, On Screen decided to share their "Top 10 Gorriest Films of All Time".

This list of tantalizing favourites was inspired by years of watching horror and is, of course, only the tip of the bloody iceberg.

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darklordzor4221d ago

Nice list. Personally, I hate gory films, but it's nice to see a list like this that remembers the older films that really pioneered the genre and not just the new torture films.

Soldierone4221d ago

I think gore is what ruined the horror genre, but I agree some good classics on this list.

OnScreen4221d ago

Thanks! We obviously agree with you. The thing about newer films is the fact that try to hard to shock and disturb, back in the day they just did, whether intentionally or not.

Soldierone4221d ago

Yeah, I think you can blame Saw for that mostly. Its nothing but how "cool" getting someone cut up is. Its not scary, its just disgusting.

darklordzor4220d ago

Yeah I can't stand it. It makes me ill to see films like this. It's not scary and a poor attempt at making weak films seem better thatn they are.