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James Franco Preps Feature Film Directing Debut

Showbiz 411:
A lot of the talk at the table was about Franco’s load of school work. And his amazing work out put! Guess what? While waiting for Danny Boyle‘s “127 Hours” and going to Yale, Franco is going to start shooting his own feature film in two weeks. He’s written a script from a biography of poet Hart Crane called “The Broken Tower.” Franco will direct from his script in and around the New York area. At least one actor has been mentioned for the cast: Oscar nominee Michael Shannon, who is also going into an Off Broadway play soon.

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darklordzor4358d ago

Wow. This guy is making some big leaps. He's got so much potential as an actor and does well in whatever he's done. Even Spider-Man 3, his performance was by far the best and most believable. I'm interested to see how he does jumping into this area. Not every actor does it successfully, but I've got hope for him.

JL4358d ago

Franco has come a LONG way. First time I remember seeing him was in the first Spider-man (I never saw the James Dean thing). And for me it was not impressive. He came across as so dry and stiff in his performance. Maybe that was partly due to the dialogue, but I think part was him too. Just not impressive. Even in the second one he wasn't much better for me. Then you fast-forward some years and he's turning in excellent comedy performances in Pineapple Express and Date Night. And putting in Oscar-worthy performances in Milk and 127 Hours.

On top of that, the guy is writing books, writing screenplays, directing, producing....and going to Yale to get a doctorate. He's made huge leaps and he's a beast of a workhorse it seems. Very well-rounded too.

darklordzor4358d ago

Yeah he's doing a little bit of everything and it's right where he wants to be too. He seems to love being that busy, and it's always great to see actors who work this hard. Too many times we see actors have a couple decent movies, get some buzz, and then sit back and flake out on everything until they've fallen so far they can't get up.

Pineapple Express was great with him in it. And you know for the first couple trailers, I didn't even recognize that as him.

Soldierone4357d ago

A good reason he is a big inspiration of mine. He is a good guy, I can tell, and his acting is really amazing. In Pineapple Express you hardly remember its him acting, thats how good he is.

Im glad im not the only one that saw his stale acting in the first Spiderman, I blame that mostly on Raimi though. He didnt have much experience, but as he got more, his perfoamnce with spiderman improved. So you can tell Raimi works more with experienced actors than non.

I can only hope that I can have a chance to do things he is doing. I want to be a screenwriter, but acting would be great, and directing a feature film is my ultimate goal.

Soldierone4357d ago

Haha We are filming a short film in one of my classes, and his acting was my inspiration behind my character. Was even told to watch a few of his movies to get the idea of how to act.

Ive already expressed interest in his acting, but this could be cool.