And Now For Something Completely Different: Russell Crowe In Rocky Horror

Cinema Blend: "Everyone knows Russell Crowe as the Oscar winning actor from such films as Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind and The Insider. From all appearances it seems as though he takes his craft very seriously, rarely taking on roles in comedies or other examples of lighter fare. Apparently things have changed greatly since he was 24."

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Soldierone4223d ago

He is a good actor, but he is always serious in all his films. this was rather interesting, never saw him as a comedian lol.

Kiri4223d ago

I don't understand what's the big fuss is all about in this article. Actors and artists change styles all the time.

Soldierone4223d ago

The fact that he is a serious actor that hasn't really done alot of comedy. Even the one comedy, chick flick, he did do he was still more manly and guyish.

Kiri4223d ago

You do realize this was filmed way before he did all the serious stuff.

Soldierone4223d ago

Yeah the article says that lol. I was just expressing interest in it....

darklordzor4223d ago

Yeah, but it's always fun to see how actors got started out and what they were like before taking on the many roles that make them famous. It's just kind of fun and shows another side of him that his fans have rarely seen.

Such a negative Nancy in here...

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darklordzor4223d ago

That was great! So funny to see him dancing around in there. I love seeing what actors did before they really got their start. It would be interesting if he took on another role like this, maybe branch out from the historical stuff a bit.

Soldierone4222d ago

He did that film about how he has to watch his ex, i forget the name. It was supposed to be a comedy. Then he also did the one about the newscaster and how he is a big famous guy etc...while it was rather interesting, he kinda lost hist touch to be a comedian in my opinion. He is too big and too used to these action/serious films to be careless and funny.