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WGTC: Welcome To Riley's Review

We Got This Covered takes a look at Welcome To Riley's. Kristin Stewart is continuing on her crusade to try and distance herself from the Twilight series, and establish herself as a serious actress. Last year she did it with Adventureland, and this year, she had a couple more serious films at Sundance. In one, she plays Joan Jett, and in it has a lesbian love scene with Dakota Fanning. In the other, Welcome to the Rileys, she plays a 16 year old, runaway, making ends meet in New Orleans as a part-time exotic dancer, and part-prostitute. Okay, we get it Kristin, you’re a serious actress. Fortunately, she has some great company in Rileys that makes her look pretty good.

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darklordzor4225d ago

Oh hey, I had totally forgotten about this film for a while. Since that trailer came out a while ago, it just seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. I was really intrigued by it too. It seemed to score okay. Not perfect but still maybe a trip to theater.

Personally, I'm glad Stewart is doing her best to distance herself from Twilight. It means she recognizes that if she doesn't do something, then she'll never get a serious role again after the franchise wraps up. Kudos to her for figuring that out and doing what she can to change it.