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Like Hereafter? Try Unforgiven

Player Affinity: Clint Eastwood’s new film Hereafter opened in theaters on Friday, and gave us a tale of ponder and wonderment at the possibilities that follow our mortal life. It’s not been his best received work, and some critics express worry that Clint Eastwood is going the way of Woody Allen - a once incredible director that now just churns out films nobody cares about. I disagree with this point of view. Actually, Eastwood is among those colleagues of his whose worst works still best 90 percent of the dreck unleashed upon us by Hollywood - the Coen Brothers, Spielberg, Scorsese.

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Soldierone4228d ago

I agree, even his sub par stuff is still top notch quality compared to other Hollywood greats. He doesnt have a powerhouse name, and his films are expected to be good, thus leading to harsh reviews. I dont think HereAfter should be out now and suffered the same issues as the Punisher, coming out at the wrong time. It should of released more closely to Christmas.

darklordzor4228d ago

This is all assuming that we like Hereafter. We've been getting nothing but bar reviews of it. But I agree with the article, don't judge all of his films based on how this current one is doing. In fact look at Hereafter as an exception.

I don't think he's going the way of Woody Allen either. He's still got plenty of kick left in him.

Soldierone4227d ago

Pleanty of other movies they could of used. Charlie St Cloud and them boes come to mind again. Both got high ratings for reviews.