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Green Lantern Set Visit (Preview); Plus New Concept Art

New pieces of concept art for the highly anticipated Green Lantern movie have hit the net. These new pics reveal Oa, the Green Lantern Headquarters as well as a somber location for the film.

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Video Blog: GREEN LANTERN Set Visit (Preview) from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

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darklordzor4355d ago

Love it! Sure they aren't very similar to the comics, but overall I think they are epic enough in scale to get the same feeling. Oa looks a little more rustic that I would have though. I always pictured it as being highly industrialized (like Coruscant in Star Wars), but it's still pretty neat to see.

The graveyard is awfully foreboding. I wonder how it will come into play for the film. Is it just something there, or is it partly a result of the film's events?

Soldierone4355d ago

Green lanterns origins leave him to travel through all kinds of emotions and enviroments so that's where the graveyard comes in to play. I doubt its anything to do with darkest night.

darklordzor4355d ago

Oh I know it has nothing to do with Blackest Night, I just wondered if it had more to do with the villains causing this much damage.

Soldierone4355d ago

Probably, its also probably when more Lanterns step in to help etc...cant say its somewhat predictable.

darklordzor4355d ago

I liked that video. Good to know that other nerds (ones of import) are just as excited for this film as I am. It bodes well that their excitement is also based from a set visit.

Soldierone4355d ago

Dont they always get excited, then hate it after the movie is released because it doesnt follow the comics exactly to a T lol.