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Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition on Blu-ray, DVD (Gamertell Review)

Gamertell has posted a positive review of Disney's Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD.

From the review:

"The digital restoration of this movie is spotless and you’d never know it wasn’t intended for HD release. All of the colors are crisp, the thinnest lines are true and nothing looks ordinary. It’s all fairy tale, has great songs, a decent doe of action and a love story. If you can forgive the goofy looking Prince at the end, the movie is flawless."

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Soldierone4228d ago

Dont see the praise behind this film. Its a good film, but its not Disneys best. My GF is even a disney princess fanatic and she doesn't really care for this one. With that being said i probably wont be picking this one up for any particular reason.

darklordzor4228d ago

With you on this one. I was thinking that myself, because I keep seeing it pop up on top lists, and I just don't get it. By far this is one of Disney's weakest for me. It's a decent story, but nothing I care to come back to.

Soldierone4228d ago

The odd thing is its one of the few Disney animated films to win any awards.

darklordzor4228d ago

Yeah I never got that! I thought I was the only person to be confused about that.

Soldierone4228d ago

Probably just the feel good moment. I will admit alot of the later disney movies based themselves off this film so you have to give it credit.

darklordzor4228d ago

Oh I agree it did a lot for Disney and helped provide a template for their other films to follow. Maybe that's why it's remembered so fondly.

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pjeigh4228d ago

The awards were b/c it was the best animated film to date when it was made. The story is classic and retold well with a creative twist. It's also a story done to death so it's a bit conventional to modern sensibilities.

Soldierone4228d ago

Yeah I can see why thats not as respected these days.

darklordzor4227d ago

That's true. At the time it was the top of its game. Looking back at it, now that the story has been done to death, it's hard to see what made it so amazing at the time.

ryesher14221d ago

While I don't really care for the film, seem to remember Robin Hood was my fav. My gf loves this film to bits.