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Jamie Foxx Sells Mafia Drama to NBC

THR: 'Tommy's Little Girl' centers on a girl who is hidden away in an orphanage after her Mafia family is murdered by a rival crime boss. Now an attorney, she has a double life as an assassin avenging their murders.

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Soldierone4358d ago

This sounds super interesting! Ill be checking it out. Luckily its not on Fox so i have high hopes for it.

Kiri4358d ago

nice, another anime rip off (Keyword: Phantom)

Soldierone4358d ago

If your talking about this

It is pretty close, but highly doubt it has any relation at all.

darklordzor4358d ago

Hmm...haven't heard of that anime. Seems pretty close though, but I wouldn't say it was a rip-off.

darklordzor4358d ago

I like Jamie Foxx and think he's got a lot of talent. Ray was amazing, Collateral was fun and he's got so much more to bring to the table. Anyone that counts him out is going to be in for a surprise.

This could be an interesting idea though. Need some more info to really see though.