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THR: Paranormal Activity 2 Review

THR: Technically accomplished in its fake video-verite style but artistically bankrupt, the film — judging by the derisive jeers that erupted during the end credits at an opening-day screening — is not likely to incite the passionate fervor generated by its predecessor.

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Soldierone4222d ago

I dont understand. He ragged on good film techniques and said that was problems with the film. I totally disagree and say thats why this one is better than the first. The first one was a snorefest of long talking sequences and very little happening, this one jumped right into things.

That and the long pauses were great. Half the time the loud noises were not even from the "ghost" so they were un-expected and made it fun to watch. The only reason to hate this film is you got emberessed by jumping and want to rag on it.

darklordzor4222d ago

Ha! I'm not embarassed to say I jumped and screamed in front of everybody. I'm not a big horror movie guy, so I know I'm jumpier than most in these things. Oh and this reviewer contradicts himself several times in this article. Hard to take the review serious, when it doesn't seem like he knows what he's wanting out of it.

Soldierone4222d ago

I only jumped when the pan fell and one other time lol. Mainly because there was no build to it. I was laughing at the entire theater jumping, ive never seen that before it was so cool. That and everyone laughing at themselves is the best. Thats why i enjoyed this movie so much.

My GF was funny as heck too!