Movie Vault Now Screening Classic Flicks on iPhone

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Just in time for Halloween, a new app from developer Fling Soft is making an entire library of older films available for iPhone—including the classic Night of the Living Dead.

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Soldierone4231d ago

I checked and the app isn't offered on the Android market at all. Thats a shame. We do have a Blockbuster app though, which is basically the same thing.

For me though Im just waiting patiently for Netflix to finally come to phones. Hulu and Blockbuster did, so now my love just needs to make their way over and ill be in heaven.

darklordzor4230d ago

I'm sure at some point Netflix will make that leap, probably sooner rather than later. With their new app that allows consoles to connect to Netfilx without need of a disc (Just installed that app on my PS3 and it works wonderfully), it's now a short step for a portable app. And I'm sure it'll hit both iPhone and Android.

Soldierone4230d ago

Yeah no doubt it will hit both, but i think Blockbuster has some exclusive thing or some deal thats prohibiting it. It comes standard on Android phones, its a cool app I just dont pay for Blockbuster.

There also might be some problems wiht Netflix being on phones since its so big too. Im sure a deal will be done soon though, no need to worry.

darklordzor4230d ago

Well, after the Blockbuster bankruptcy then maybe that's how they'll keep the buisness goni (with digital things like that) instead of stores. I'd hate to see them disappear altogether.

Soldierone4230d ago

no the company was actually split up into several other companies that are now differnt shareholders. I got a letter about it all.

The stores are now individually owned, so they are basically running at their own will. They are divided by region, and like 40 percent of them are planned to be closed or sold to other people.

the online market is its own things, just like Netflix. There is no major changes coming to it, and they plan to expand it.

the kiosks are currently owned by the original owners of the store, but are branching out as their own company as well.

The odd thing is they are still all working together, so you still get free in store rentals and what not. So its not entirely horrible.

darklordzor4229d ago

I'm sure a big reason why they did that is to help ensure their name and company continues in some form or fashion. This will make sure that it's not something I'll have to tell me kids about because it doesn't exist:

"Back in my day we didn't just download movies son, we went to a store called Blockbuster and rented this little discs..."

Soldierone4229d ago

yeah, the notice was just funny. It kept stressing the online portion of Blockbuster is its own company and the effects of stores closing will have no issues with it. Was a funny read.

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darklordzor4230d ago

My wife has an iPhone, but I stick by my dumb phone. Honestly I can't stand watching movies on a portable machine. I couldn't do it on my PSP, and I have a hard time with it on a portable DVD player. I just don't like seeing movies on that small of a screen. It bugs me and I feel like I'm missing something.

Soldierone4230d ago

I rather watch it on big screens too. However when your on trips, or bored randomly sitting somewhere, what better way to pass time than to whip out a PSP or phone and watch some movies. I have a few on my Zune and my Droid.

darklordzor4230d ago

If it comes to that, I'd rather just play a portable game designed for the smaller screens. I guess you really could call me some sort of film snob, but I just can't hardly stomach it on that smaller screen.

Soldierone4230d ago

Yeah but games like that get kinda boring after a while. Ill admit i get addicted to simple little games released on the App store sometimes, but when im sitting in a car for 7 hours or waiting in line at E3, watching a movie, pausing it, then going back to it is way easier.

darklordzor4229d ago

That probably just depends on the person. I'd rather sit there and play some Pokemon (yeah it's a good game) or Mario for a few hours.