Online Movie Rentals Pushing Sales Out of the Picture

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Consumers long ago switched their shopping habits to the Internet, so that now most don't hesitate to buy cameras, TVs, books, appliances, cars, clothing, even foreclosed homes online. There appears to be no product that shoppers don't prefer to buy with the click of a mouse.

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Soldierone3158d ago

I will be the first to admit that I love Netflix and I love streaming movies. Having both Netflix and PSN Movies on my PS3 is like the best thing in the world. While I hate streaming games, movies are an entirely differnt story. The only issues is price, who wants to pay 6 bucks to stream an HD movie for 24 hours?

The thing though, with good movies Ill actually go out and buy them. Ill get the Blu-ray release the day it comes out. Zombieland, Inception, The Dark Knight etc...I own the good quality movies. So all I'm saying is the creative guys are obviously not complaining since there movies are being purchased. And they cant blame home sales, theaters are still doing well, and its not like they are not making money off rentals.

darklordzor3158d ago

See, I can't stand streaming movies all that much. I do it for Netflix on the PS3, just so I can see more films that I haven't, but on the whole, I like having something tangible. I too will typically just buy the movies that I really want, but on top of that, I'll take extra money I have in the week and buy a bunch of other films too. There's something satisfying (for me anyway) in seeing a well fleshed out DVD/Blu-ray collection, that just isn't the same as seeing a list on screen.

Soldierone3158d ago

Yeawh when I buy titles I go out and buy actual copies, the download price is way too high right now and I dont like downloading things. But when renting stuff or just wanting to see things, streaming is godly.

darklordzor3157d ago

That's true, some of these download prices are ridiculous. I mean on PSN a HD rental is 6 bucks, and then you only get to keep it for a small time period. For 20-25 dollars you can own the thing forever.

Soldierone3157d ago

Thats what I hate about downloads. Sony just recently lowered prices on older titles for both movies and games. Its just dumb, and there is no hope for any good deals to come our way. Mainly ecause people dont need to clear out their warehouse.

darklordzor3157d ago

The only time I've used the PSN rentals or downloads, is when they have the occasional weekend free rental.

Soldierone3156d ago

I used it to watch a few movies, purely based off lazieness lol. Didnt wanna go get anything and it wasnt on Netflix.

darklordzor3156d ago

That's not a bad reason at all really, and still a good way to get your movie fix.

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darklordzor3158d ago

We've seen this coming for a while, and it isn't exactly new. People started seeing the downfall of store rentals when Movie Gallery/Hollywood Videos filed it's first bankruptcy. Then on its second when they closed all stores, people merely wondered when Blockbuster would follow. Now that it has as well, it's only a matter of time. But I think Redbox had quite a bit to do with it too, and wasn't solely Netflix.

Soldierone3158d ago

I think those were more of bad business decisions than anything. Look at Gamestop for example, they know a streaming push for gaming is coming too. So what do they do? Start advertising they sell cards to help you buy the online stuff etc...

When the time comes im sure Gamestop will start cutting deals with devs on used games too, just to keep them happy and to keep tangable items in hand. Blockbuster and the others didnt adapt, they didnt do anything in rerards to changing their ways and innovating for the future. They just hope a decade old business model would see through.

darklordzor3157d ago

Gamestop is also starting up those Digital Media Kiosks in their stores. It's a place where people can purchase DLC packs for their games and then take them home to download. They can also get PSP games and stuff like that there. Basically sounds like a gaming specific WiFi spot. Still they're thinking forward which is good.

Soldierone3156d ago

Ive seen the Wifi thing, I thought they were just to get people with handhelds to play things in the store and what not. Similar to Mc Donalds doing it.