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Paranormal Activity 2 Big Box Office Winner

ShockTillYouDrop: "No shocker here, Paranormal Activity 2 is going to come out on top. Paramount's sequel to last year's Halloween hit is fixin' to gross nearly $35 million."


Scratch the early estimates. The film grossed an estimated $41.5 million.

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Soldierone4360d ago

I get to say "I Called it" again haha. Right when the predictions came out I said, nope its gonna break into the 30 millions. This is only after saturday too, im sure it made another 3 to 5 million today to say the least. So if anything the final numbers will be around 38 to 40 million.

I doubt Saw will do as great as this, mainly because I see this movie having a good second weekend too at around 15 to 20 million.

JL4360d ago

Yea you had to know this was going to do good. There's just so much hype behind this franchise. One of those true word-of-mouth success stories. Already they have to be incredibly happy with this sequel too. Only cost $3Million and done this much already. A huge financial success yet again for the franchise. I knew it was going to be a hit when I found out tickets were sold out in my city. That's not something that happens too terribly often that I've ever noticed.

Soldierone4360d ago

The only thing that is costing them is the camera and the editing lol. Everything else is dirt cheap, they are even using indie actors so they dont make alot of money either.

Nothing major happens, and the visual effects people barely have to do anything in post production other than minor showings of the ghost. Like i said in another comment, this whole movie was genious.

JL4360d ago

I really enjoyed the first one. And I'll probably go see this one later this week. My only worry with them making so much money...I don't want to end up seeing them milking this franchise and running it into the ground or something.

Soldierone4359d ago

I was thinking that too. this one still has that same indie style feel to it, but its a bit better quality in editing and visually more easy to watch. they learned a bit from the first one. the only issue I had with the film is it was grainy in some areas, then super clear in others. I think its because they only had enough money to buy two high end cameras or something and obviously those cameras dont work in certain instances.

Basically its like they took a 1k dollar HD handy cam and filmed some aspects, and you can tell. However there will be a third one and im a little worried it will be more story driven and higher priced than the last two.

darklordzor4359d ago

I think the grainy look on some of the shots were purposeful. Since they were supposed to be shot from 'security cameras' it's understandable that some wouldn't be as clear and focused as others. I took it as a shot to help keep the theme going.

Soldierone4359d ago

It wasn't the security cameras, i know those were supposed to be grainy. It was alot of the normal shots. Also they forgot to focus sometimes, not purposely, and the out of focus stuff was extremely grainy. Its just things you pick up by paying attention to the enviroment.

To prove it, its something that wont happen on Blu-ray or DVD. Mainly because the image wont be stretched as much.

darklordzor4359d ago

I'm still pretty sure it was done purposefully. The first film had shots like that too. It's all to give it that effect that this is 'real' and not staged.

At this point with the studio behind them, it wouldn't be an error. The studio producers wouldn't have let those type of errors happen.

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Soldierone4359d ago

It won't let me update the article for some reason. The movie closed out the weekend at 41.5 million. I should become a pro analyst or something!

darklordzor4359d ago

Ha! Letting these box office predictions get to you huh? Maybe that's a blog you should write here every week.

Soldierone4359d ago

Maybe, I'll see how I do the next few weeks before I jump too far into it lol.

darklordzor4359d ago

LOL. Come on, it could be a lot of fun.

JL4359d ago

That actually gives me an idea for a possible future contest on here.