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New Images Send You Inside the ‘Elevator’

Couch Potato Club:
Recently, I brought you news of an upcoming indie suspense movie, from Big Shot Pictures and Director Stig Svendsen, titled Elevator. Now, we finally get our first real glimpse into the suspenseful Elevator as I’ve recently been sent several images from the film.

Elevator is the story of 9 strangers trapped inside an elevator. The catch: one of them has a bomb that could go off at any minute. As these strangers are pushed to their limits, we watch to find out what each character is made of as the suspense mounts and the web of intrigue unravels. Elevator gives terrorism a new meaning and raises compelling questions about who the real criminals are, in a world where the powerful few can so easily manipulate the financial system at the expense of many.

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Soldierone4234d ago

I think Devil proved its super hard to do anything in regards to suspense in an elevator. There has to be stuff going on outside. However a good director, aka anyone other than Uwe Boll and M Night, can probably create something watchable with this scenerio. You have to work clostophobia alot in a film like this, something Devil didnt do because it always cut away to other things just as you were about to get the feeling.

JL4234d ago

For me, the concept of Devil was good. Just Shyamalan can't pull something like that off. This one seems like it could be much better. The director seems to truly understand the challenges of such a closed environment and what needs to be done, etc.

Soldierone4234d ago

Yeah thats why i gave him that chance and took a big bite out of my arse when i did lol. You even made fun of me for it! Haha

However It also kinda shows that something like that needs to be done a little bit more complex that it may seem. This guy does seem like he knows better and learned a little bit from Devil, but that doesnt stop it from showing it is indeed a challenge.

JL4233d ago

Well I made fun of you cause I knew Shyamalan and crew didn't have the ability to conquer such a daunting task lol.

Indeed something like this is a challenge. In the end, I think something like this either is great or crap. Either you succeed or utterly fail.

darklordzor4233d ago

You know it's so sad, because at one point M. Night really did have the ability to pull off this concept. I really don't know what happened to him. Maybe the success really went to his head, or maybe the success only made it so he really doesn't listen to the advice of other people now. It's just sad to see. I still have hope he'll come out on top one day, maybe with Unbreakable 2.

Soldierone4233d ago

The only way he will come out again is if he takes a break, looks at what he is doing wrong, listens to the viewers, and corrects himself. Right now he is in his own little world doing his own things and isn't really listening to positive critism. The way his movies fail in the same way one after another proves it.

JL4233d ago

I think Soldier has it there. I very much enjoyed Sixth Sense and thought Signs was decent enough. Since that he's been going straight downhill. The only way for this guy to turn it around is to take a step back and get over himself. Learn to take the criticism. There's a reason he's a bit of a joke anymore. It's not like this is just a handful of select people saying it. It's pretty much the consensus. But he keeps on with his holier than though attitude, going around saying things like "yea, well the critics just don't get me". Maybe YOU don't get you Shyamalan and that's the problem.

darklordzor4233d ago


That's the problem with M. Night, he won't listen to anyone else, and it's becoming more and more apparent that that's what he's doing. You're right he needs to take a few steps back and do some soul searching. I just don't see him doing it though. What he needs is a big director best friend who can put him in his place.

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Kiri4234d ago

I don't think so... This concept is going to be an unmitigated disaster.

darklordzor4233d ago

Now, why do you say that? What about the concept automatically makes this a fail? I think it's an interesting idea, but will require some work to pull it off.

JL4233d ago

Agreed with Dark. I see nothing about this that makes it an auto-fail concept. It's a very interesting concept in fact. Much the same way that Buried is a very interesting concept. It's just one of those concept that is extremely challenging. It's something that would take some serious work to pull off and has a serious risk of failure if you slip up.

darklordzor4233d ago

See, Buried was the exact example I was thinking of. Just because something's a challenge doens't mean it's going to be a failure. I think it has potential, and it's one of the reasons I can't wait to see buried.

Soldierone4233d ago

Yeah but alot of things are great ideas with alot of potential. However reaching that potential is hard. For example buried, great concept, but if you had an hour and half long movie about a dude trying to escape a grave in the ground I doubt the viewers will last long.

Its the outside sources that make the film interesting. How did he get there, why is he there, how will he get out, who is helping him. At the same time you have to keep the concept of clostophobia in tact and learn how to cut at proper times.

darklordzor4233d ago

Have you read the reviews for Buried though? It sounds amazing and everyone is talking about how well it pulled it off. I agree executing the concept is the hard part, and that's why we're asking the dude why he thinks the concept itself is a fail.

Soldierone4233d ago

No I think it looks good. I'm just saying this it what it takes for such an idea to work. I think this one does indeed have potential so I disagree with kiris initial comment.

darklordzor4233d ago

Oh I get what you're saying then. Yeah it takes a lot of effort, but so does any great film. Sometimes even the smallest ideas can be made great.

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