Update: Lucasfilm Denies New Star Wars Trilogy Is in the Works

Underwire: "Crushing some fanboys’ dreams, Lucasfilm denied a supposed insider report Saturday that alleged George Lucas is planning to film three new Star Wars movies."

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Soldierone3989d ago

Thats common sense. Even if this were true, they wouldnt announce it through small news rumor sites. We would see it break headlines all over the place, and itd probably be announced at a place like Comic Con.

Kiri3989d ago

I have to disagree. It really depends on whether or not they want to leak rumors to create anticipations. That's how many businesses do their marketing, and it works.

Soldierone3989d ago

But this is something massive that is going to be huge no matter how you announce it. I doubt this is the route you take for a Star Wars announcment....

Kiri3989d ago

God knows what George Lucas is thinking. If I knew, I'd be making the new movie.

Soldierone3989d ago

If I were Lucas, Id do nothing more than take a back seat Producer role in a new Star Wars Film. Maybe have my hand in it alot as a co-director just to make it go the direction I wanted, but overall I know the franchise needs to be handed to someone new. I doubt thats what will happen though.

darklordzor3989d ago

Have to disagree with you Kiri. If you look at the pattern Star Wars and GL have followed, they never do anything small. If it's an announcement of some sort, it's almost always on their official website first.

They don't do the small site hype know why? Because it's star wars. Whether you love it or hate it, it builds its own hype and doesn't need to do anything but announce it. This rumor stuff isn't exactly GL's style.

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darklordzor3989d ago

Totally agree. Star Wars news is always massive and would hit mainstream news sites pretty quick. What we're seeing here are journalists who haven't taken the time to verify their sources and trying to grab some quick hits.

darklordzor3989d ago

I'd love to see more star wars films. Honestly I think Lucas should start taking a back seat more. Like he's doing with the Clone Wars cartoon, another director (Dave Filoni) is at the helm, and he's just playing a godfather role to make sure continuity and his vision isn't totally jacked up. If there are more films, then that's the role he should play. Other directors playing in his universe have always worked out well in the past.

Soldierone3989d ago

He does that alot. Basically anything with the Star Wars brand in it has to be sent to him and approved by his team before it could be made. All the shows, games, products, have to be approved by him. Even the Verizon Droid had to be approved by him, and notice it has a little Lucas logo on the box too.

I think if they were to do more, he would be at the healm and finish off the 3 other stories. The ones i mentioned above. However I could see Star Wars being the first franchise to actually dig into a universe and tell other stories.

tunaks13988d ago

Just leave canon 1-6 and have other people tell their stories in the form of novels, games, and if they must the clone wars cartoon(still cannot stand it- miss the old miniseries).

Im not some original trilogy maniac either,(i like the prequels more) but 1-6 is all the star wars films we need.

Soldierone3988d ago

Technicly we only needed one, but im always welcome to more lol. The universe behind Star Wars is massive now and there are tons and tons of stories you could tell. With new technology it could be even better.

darklordzor3988d ago

I love the books and games. And I totally agree that the old Clone Wars microseries was by far better than what they have now.

I think if anything, they need to do some sort of TV movies, and maybe pull from the books for inspiration. Maybe instead of doing the Live action TV show that isn't getting off the ground, they could do a few TV movies. That would be fun, and would allow other directors the chance to get in there.

Soldierone3986d ago

Your scaring me with thoughts of the Holiday!

Djinn3988d ago

I need more star wars films. I thought they were all great. More would be welcom.

darklordzor3988d ago

I love all six films and as an AVID fan, more films are exciting to me. At the same time though, the story of the Skywalkers has really been told. It's concluded. Adding in new movies would feel a tad...forced. That's why expanding in the books, games, and TV shows is working for them.

That being said, if this turned out to have been true, I would have thrown my hands up in excitement and would be gobbling up all information on it.