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Hollywood Insider : Another Inception?

Insider: "I’d originally contacted my source at Warner Bros today - who, mind you, has been accurate in near each and every Harry Potter scoop he/she’s slipped us over the past few months - to try and get confirmation - or at least some feedback - on an interesting little rumor I’d heard about Superman : The Man of Steel this week. Alas, he/she knew nothing… which could either mean there’s no truth to the rumor, that our tipster is simply not in on the Superman rumors, or that - likely the case - Zack Snyder has the lid shut damn tight on every inch of detail concerning that particular production."

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Soldierone4230d ago

Feels like ive been saying this alot. Leave the good movies alone! Let them live as the greatest films ever made and dont ruin them by forcing sequals down our throat! Of course we want more, it was a great movie, it doesnt mean more will work and is needed, cus its not.

Kiri4230d ago

You're right. This happened to Back to the Future, this happened to Death Note, this happened to Inferno Affairs. It never turns out well.

Soldierone4230d ago

It never turns out well because they are forcing something that isnt there.

If Nolan wanted this to be a franchise he would of left it open alot more, but he didnt. Same with those movies, it was meant to be one time deals.

Kiri4230d ago

They should use their investments in something new. Something that isn't out there. That's what drive people's creativity. Not doing the same thing over and over again

Soldierone4230d ago

Yeah but its Hollywood they want the sure fire motive thats gurenteed to make money. They don't let in new young talent so its hard for them to have any new creative ideas.

Kiri4230d ago

But obviously their corrupted business models are working out

JL4229d ago

I trust Nolan very much so. I seriously doubt he'd make a sequel to this. He just isn't that type. Matter of fact, up until The Dark Knight, he'd never even made a sequel. I just don't think it's his style. And the Batman trilogy is different. He came into that knowing he was going to draw off comic book material and do a trilogy. Other than that though, all his original work has always been "nail it, then move on". I respect him as a filmmaker and I think he's just too original to dream of starting to pump out sequels all the time.

Soldierone4229d ago

Yeah but when it comes down to business, he doesnt make the choice. Right now he is hot and a name everyone wants, so the studio wont be pushing him to do it. Its also WB and quality comes first for them, so thats another plus as to why this wont happen.

However Pixar had the same motive, but when the big boss man Disney stepped in and said "hey you do it or we will" then they go ahead and make something not of quality, it makes the film maker mad. Then they go "good you dont like it, if you dont want it released you make one yourself"

darklordzor4229d ago

Well the good thing is (and the important thing to remember) is that the studios have said, they won't tread on Nolan in this instance. Nolan has expressed zero interest in a sequel to this film, and the studios have had the sense to say they wouldn't want a sequel without Nolan. That means they aren't just jumping the gun on it, but listening to the filmmaker. They know that without Nolan any sequel would fall flat.

Soldierone4229d ago

Yeah its WB.

the only thing im worried about is that is right now. Nolan has several projects that ended after one now, like The Prestige, that could easily be developed into a slacker sequel for easy money. So I want to know when WB starts to hit a downhill slide, will they jump to extremes and milk these things.

darklordzor4228d ago

I really don't think they will. WB wouldn't want to risk alienating their prize cow (Nolan). They could very well force him away and lose all that potential. That's why I feel WB will back off. As much as they want to, they understand that without Nolan any sequels to those projects would fall flat. They may want to, but they're smart enough to know that would be a mistake.

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darklordzor4229d ago

I love that! The studios say it makes no sense, except financially! At least they're being honest, but it also means it's less likely to happen. As much as they want it, they can at least recognize how small a chance it has of coming together.