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Marvel Studios Slows Down 'Runaways'

Deadline: "While Marvel put pedal to the metal to bring The Avengers and Iron Man 3 into the Disney distribution fold, the superhero factor has pumped the brakes on Runaways, the youth-oriented superhero movie that had been moving quickly toward a production start. Word in agency circles is that the project was flat-lining because it's similar in age demo to Kick-Ass, but insiders tell me that isn't true."

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Soldierone4225d ago

Thats too bad actually. Its a creative asset that Marvel has that I wanted to see done. Its these hidden gems found in comics that make for good stories, sadly all we get to see instead is reboot after reboot of origin stories for the major characters....

Kiri4224d ago

sigh, they really should stop the reboots... especially for Andrew Garfield being the new Spiderman!? That's just crazy...

Soldierone4224d ago

Andrew Garfield should be a good Spiderman. Only issue is thats another problem, they dont get past origin stories and never dig deep into the stories of major characters.

However look at all the DC films and what not that are coming out that havent been based on big heroes, they have all done well. Marvel has those same stories.

Kiri4224d ago

Why do you think they're not doing them then?

Soldierone4224d ago

Marvel is super focused on a Avengers Movie and doing everything they can to make this core of heroes big. They have always been like this though, even with comics. Anything that didnt revolve around these heroes got pushed aside. Like the Beyond series got pushed aside for Civil War.

Another thing to note is DC has sub companies that make these other stories, Marvels isn't as strong as DC.

Kiri4224d ago

Well, let's hope that after the avengers movies are out, it'll be better.

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