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Dragon Delays 007's Dream House

IGN: "The Feb. 18th open house for Dream House has been canceled.

Variety reports that Universal has opted to indefinitely postpone the release of the supernatural thriller directed by Jim Sheridan and starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts."

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Soldierone3989d ago

I have a feeling this is all a plan to release closer to Scream 4. Why? Purely because Scream 4 will be opening viewers to horror style movies again and make them want to see movies like this.

That and yet again this movie, A girl with a dragon tattoo, has popped up and I have no idea why its so important.

darklordzor3989d ago

I don't know, I tend to think this really does have to do with production schedule. If they have necessary reshoots to do, and Daniel Craig has other obligations he's already attending to, then they don't have much choice but to postpone. Honestly I don't think they want to compete with Scream 4 either. I really think they're just having scheduling conflicts that are getting in the way.

Soldierone3989d ago

I just like to always think there is something deeper haha. Probably isn't but its fun to think about no? Plus technicly speaking delaying it to meet Scream 4 is not a horrible idea either.

darklordzor3988d ago

It's so hard to know what studios are thinking these days. Now with so many producers and directors purposefully misleading us, many fans and people think as you do: 'there's something deeper'. I do the same thing many times, but my gut says this is a scheduling thing.